Sasha has taught music for over a decade. Having worked with students ages 6-60 on piano, drums, guitar, bass, and music theory, Sasha enjoys nurturing musical growth in passionate learners of all backgrounds. Sasha is a professionally licensed K-12 teacher in Massachusetts, where he taught K-6 music, band, and chorus at the New Hingham Elementary School for several years. Sasha holds a BA in music theory from Oberlin College and a MM in music and human learning from the University of Texas at Austin. Sasha currently lives in Austin, TX where he teaches privately, teaches at the Armstrong Community Music School, and directs the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Jazz Ensemble. 


"Watching Sasha teach is to observe the best of all that music has to offer. He is not only a wonderfully creative musician, but also a warm, kind, and generous human being. His sensitivity to other’s aspirations and the various hurdles that all student musicians face, combined with his thorough knowledge and finely honed skills in teaching, create learning experiences for children and adults alike that are inspiring, challenging, and ultimately joyful."
                  ---Dr. Robert Duke, Director of the Center of Music Learning, University of Texas at Austin

"Sasha brings optimism to every teaching situation. He has a passion for creating and sharing music that is combined with a deep understanding of effective teaching. He meets each student where they are, and intuits the best pathway toward developing every unique musical voice.His teaching is founded on a sincere interest in understanding music as not only an art form but also a creative means of communication and expression."                                                                                                                                          ---Dr. Laurie Scott, Associate Professor of Music and Human Learning, the Univsersity of Texas at Austin

"We love Sasha for his infectious enthusiasm, his warmth and support, the ways he always encourages and helps our kids to improve without pressuring them too much, tailoring his lesson style in a way that best suits each individual child, and most of all, for the energy and love that he brings into our home."                                                                                                                                                            ---Dr. Kirsten Cathermother of two of Sasha's current students and Associate Professor of Asian Studies, the                                        University of Texas at Austin                                                                                                   

"Klare-Avayzian tailors his approach to each student. He intuitively knows what doors to knock on, what paths to take, and what tools to use. He ignites a passion for music in his students."
                     ---Bill Wallace, former Amherst College Professor of Piano and Music Theory


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